Back On Track

It’s 4 in the morning.

I’ve been up for 30 minutes.

This is later that I woke up for the majority of the last year.


Well, around this time last year I started a new job. I needed to be able to establish myself there quickly, and this meant going above and beyond.


I’ve also, as you know if you’re familiar with this blog, been writing an awful lot. Between approximately 30K words in guest posts for other blogs, and two books and this blog and…well, you get the point.

If I was to be able to do all those things, I needed to make time. Since I’ve already been working well over overtime hours, and I have a family that needs my attention, I had to carve my extra hours out of my sleep.

“But Chance, isn’t that hard? Plus, I heard it’s bad for your health. I could never do that, I love sleeping too much, hehe”


YOU could never do it. Why? Because you just said so. Is it bad for your health? Li’l bit, yep. Is it hard? Yep. But what have those things to do with accomplishing a goal I set for myself?

I knew what was needed and did it until it was done.

Now I’ve got a little more breathing room that I earned for myself. I’m still up way earlier than the majority of the world is willing to rise, because I’m still far more driven and disciplined than the majority of the world is willing to become.

But, I’m back on a routine. Where once I was letting every free moment be consumed by writing books, I am now writing and working out and podcasting and whatnot. There is a more regimented and moderate approach to things.

I’ll also be sleeping between 5-6 hours for the time being, instead of 3-5, until I am consumed by my next creative endeavor over which I obsess until it is done.

As an aside, if you are the type to become intensely passionate or obsessive over a project, then you’d best be setting a deadline. Otherwise, you’ll likely want to keep adding to it and refining it and getting all perfectionist-y about it. Setting a deadline and keeping the promise to yourself will help you keep that tendency from holding you back from completing the task.

I’ve several more writing projects planned, but they do not have deadlines yet, and I’m not obsessing over them yet, so I’ll be writing them in a more regimented manner too. Using an allotted amount of time to write what I can, then moving on to the next scheduled task.

Back On Track might be a poor title for this piece, as typically is has a negative connotation to it, and I was productively disposed while letting many things fall by the wayside. But, I was a bit of a train wreck for a couple months too. So, all the things that have been put on hold are now being resumed.

On that note, be on the lookout for a new podcast within a week, stay tuned to this blog for entries on a far more frequent basis, and sign up for my email list if you want even more juicy Logocentrifugal goodness.

Thanks for reading.

Chance Lunceford – Logocentrifugal

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